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Experience the difference with The Powder Room’s comprehensive silk press packages!


Starting August 1, 2024, all silk presses will come in a package that includes a deep condition or steam treatment.

This is designed to ensure your hair is in optimal condition before applying heat, significantly enhancing both the health of your hair and the quality of the silk press.

Moisture and Hydration: Deep conditioning provides essential moisture to the hair, which helps prevent dryness and brittleness during the heat styling process.​

Strength and Elasticity: Deep conditioners often contain proteins and other strengthening agents that improve hair elasticity, reducing the risk of breakage and damage from the high heat of the silk press.​

Smoothness and Shine: Well-conditioned hair is smoother and more manageable, which contributes to a sleeker, shinier finish when the silk press is complete.​​

Heat Protection: Deep conditioners include ingredients that offer a degree of heat protection, adding an extra layer of defense against heat damage.​​

Improved Results: Healthy, well-moisturized hair responds better to heat styling, leading to a more effective and long-lasting silk press.

Need To Cancel?

You will not be charged if you cancel at least 24 hours before your appointments starts.Otherwise, you will be charged 50% of service price for late cancellations and 100% for no shows

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